Digital and Social Media

FWD has extensive experience maximising the positive impact of social media in a commercial environment. Clients challenge us to invigorate their social media profiles and breathe new life into how they engage with their audiences. Through our close-working client relationships, we are already part of the fabric of a client’s business, and so very little exploratory time ‘getting to know the market’ is needed. Instead, we focus on helping our clients to build their brands and networks online and start to establish or reinforce positions of thought leadership, engage in debate with clients and key influencers and connect with their professional networks in a cost effective, results-driven way.

Our PR and media relations clients, for example, recognise the necessity of Twitter and LinkedIn as sources of news stories and comment for journalists. We ensure our clients have presence and are talked about on the appropriate platforms at the right times. We are also experts in helping clients to resolve online situations ranging from disgruntled claimants to trolling.

“Since FWD became our PR partner, our social media amplification has increased by 70% and we have increased engagement from stakeholders and clients.”

Oak Group

Our asset management clients are increasingly embracing social media as a tool to help boost their ‘relationship’ credentials with their audiences, evolving the traditional reputation of purely ‘transactional’ businesses.

The insurance communities that for centuries met in Lloyd’s are slowly moving online, and we are at the forefront of helping to facilitate this change. We offer coaching programmes on how to network online, as well as giving our clients access to our own networks of market contacts for PR activities.

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