Financial Services


Financial services is a complex, volatile and dynamic place to undertake insight initiatives and the world is changing faster than ever when it comes to technology and digital innovation.

We monitor the heartbeat, senses and moods of key sectors and key stakeholders within those sectors. We know how to talk to them to get genuinely honest feedback.

We are experienced in working with:

  • IFAs, EBCs, Tied Agents
  • Banking service providers
  • Investment & wealth management companies
  • High and Ultra-high net-worth individuals

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We work with those companies and customers and key influencers on the front lines of business continuity. We understand the emotional, aspirational and final aspects which drive uptake.

We are experienced in working with and providing insight amongst:

  • Insurance Brokers, European Insurance Brokers, London Market
  • Global Underwriters
  • Claimants
  • General, Personal lines insurance, Commercial lines insurance, Specialty, Reinsurance, Life, Health and Pensions, Employee benefits

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Professional Services

Professional Services

Whether you are looking to put together a thought leadership report, need data and market intelligence to help you enter a new market, understand and get closer to your client base or to help you understand how your brand performs locally or on a global scale, we are here to help.

We are experienced in working with and providing insight amongst:

  • Legal
  • Accountancy firms
  • Management consultancies
  • Property
  • Professional marketing support agencies

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Mobility (Automotive)


We understand the evolution of the way people travel, the changing shape of personal and business mobility and associated technology such as automated driving, electrification of vehicles that are changing the changing shape of financial support and risk evaluation.

We have talked to car and LCV drivers and buyers, user-choosers, fleet managers, leasing companies, SMEs, corporate decision makers, dealer principals and motor specialist brokers.

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New Technology and Data Adoption


Technology and data use continue to innovate and impact more and more aspects of business and consumer relationships. How we understand that relationship and user experience and how do we optimise it? How do businesses need to adopt? What is the impact on buying habits and strength of customer loyalty? Role responsibilities are key to identifying degrees of influence and real business priorities whether that is C-suite, Director, SVP or head of function, customer’s internal stakeholders, system users or regulators.

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Media, Content and Thought Leadership

Digital Media

Our experience extends across the teams 90 years worth of experience extends across:

  • Market and audience size and measurement,
  • Content evaluation
  • Ad and Brand evaluation
  • Understanding digital customer journey

The benefits for brand advancement and greater share of voice through investing in proprietary primary research on an upcoming or on trend topic with guaranteed acceptance by one of the leading trade or national titles speaks for itself.

FWD Research offers class-leading insight when combined with media reviews to differentiate and enable powerful and unique stories and provide unique content and brand advancement published through our strong media relations.

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