Comment: Winter travel could be more testing than ever

Winter Travel

Cost and inconvenience of testing will disrupt off-season demand predicts Fiona Macrae, head of consumer awareness initiative at Travel Insurance Explained

Following the disappointing summer season, many Britons are now turning their attention towards planning winter holidays with the hope of enjoying a more positive end to the year.

Unfortunately, on top of the ever-changing advice from the Foreign Office (FCDO) and the air bridges fiasco, another set of factors is complicating travellers’ plans over the winter months.

Some popular holiday destinations now require travellers to provide a negative Covid-19 test, which must be taken up to 72 hours before departure. However, as news reports have explained over the past few weeks, test results are taking longer than 72 hours to come back and, in many UK regions, no tests are available.

Since the crisis began, travel insurers have been under pressure and scrutiny for the cover and wordings of available policies. Many providers are now offering travel insurance with many variations of cover for Covid-19, but this is a new layer of complication for holidaymakers. If they arrive at their holiday destination without the necessary documentation – including a negative Covid-19 test result – it is important to note that there is no cover available on a travel insurance policy for denied entry to a country, or for any cost incurred as a result of the denied entry.