Motor Industry Update 1 April 2021

Onto and EVA App Photo credit: Onto / Electric Vehicle Association England

Electric Vehicle Association England partners Onto for alternative options of EV adoption

The recently launched Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England has partnered with electric vehicle subscription company Onto and to celebrate this new partnership, Onto is currently offering EVA England members a £50 discount on an EV subscription. EVA England is putting together a range of exclusive offers and a discount on an EV subscription will allow many more people to try out an electric car without any long-term commitment for any time period starting from 30 days upwards.

Onto has cars to suit most budgets with their extensive range of EV makes and models and it could not be easier to drive an electric car with Onto’s subscription service, as all you have to do is simply choose a car using the Onto app and then decide when you want it delivered.

EVA England offers a platform to both existing and prospective electric vehicle drivers in England with the aim of supporting as many people as possible to drive EVs and with the subscription service offered by Onto, it can provide a cost effective way for people to enjoy electric motoring without the upfront cost of buying an EV or the need for a deposit or long-term commitment faced when leasing a car.

Onto’s CEO and Founder Rob Jolly commented on the new partnership:

“Onto is delighted to partner with EVA England to help encourage people to make the switch to electric vehicles. Onto focuses on making EV adoption accessible, easy and affordable by offering a subscription service with all-inclusive charging, insurance and mileage to remove any worry or hassle for first time EV users.”

Gill Nowell from EVA England added:

“EVA England welcomes all opportunities to help more people make the shift to EVs, which in turn will help to improve our air quality. Onto’s EV subscription service is a great way for people to try an EV, and even swap between different models of EVs, without the upfront cost of an outright purchase or an advance payment on a lease.”

EVA England membership is open to current, new and prospective drivers of electric vehicles and costs just £20 a year.

February UK car production falls -14%

UK car production fell -14% in February, with 105,008 units produced, according to the latest SMMT figures. 17,163 fewer cars were manufactured, which is the 18th consecutive month of decline and weakest February performance in over a decade caused by shuttered showrooms, new customs processes and global supply chain constraints affecting output.

UK domestic market production fell -34.9%, with a loss of 9,480 units. This compares with a less severe -8.1% decline in exports, which was down 7,683 units. Overseas orders accounted for the majority (83.2%) of all cars made in February, with most of them (53.9%) heading into the EU. Shipments to the US and Asia amounted to 30.9% of all UK car exports.

Strong growth in UK output of battery electric (BEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and hybrid vehicles (HEV) continued in February, with total production increasing 25.3% to 23,019 units.


MYPEUGEOT app – Photo credit: Peugeot

Making everyday life easier with the MYPEUGEOT App

The smartphone has become an essential everyday accessory to many people as the world becomes increasingly digitalised, with the automotive industry being no exception. Consumer behaviours and expectations have evolved as technology has evolved and to meet the changing needs of its customers, Peugeot have developed the MYPEUGEOT app.

The app provides a number of helpful features that enable customers to stay connected with their vehicles, anytime and anywhere with the ability to manage all vehicle-related services from one device. For example, you can access driving statistics, make appointments with your local retailer, view all vehicle documentation and sort and label journeys.

All driving statistics are available in one place, including information on fuel, cost per use and total journey times. You can also easily locate your vehicle, due to the automatically recorded parking feature. You can also sort and label journeys within the app, to differentiate between work and leisure trips.

You can even manage the maintenance of your car by accessing its full service logbook and schedule your next service.

Owners of plug-in HYBRID and electric vehicles have their own dedicate features so that when your vehicle is connected to a charging station, you can manage the charging directly from your smartphone, allowing you to start charging at a time that suits you or that offers you the best charging tariffs. You can also monitor the charging speed and the remaining charging time in real time and will alert you when your car is fully charged.

For maximum comfort, the app will even let you pre-set the car’s cabin temperature, so that you can set off on your journey with the car’s interior pre-heated or pre-cooled, depending on the outside weather conditions.

Volvo Cars Infotainment System

Volvo Cars Infotainment System – Photo credit: Volvo Cars

Volvo Cars and ECARX to establish joint venture for infotainment development

Volvo Cars and technology company ECARX are planning to set up a new joint venture for the development and commercialisation of a cutting-edge infotainment system platform which would allow both companies and the wider Geely Group to speed up technology development, improve cost efficiency and generate additional revenue streams.

Volvo and ECARX will continue and expand the development of Volvo Cars’ existing infotainment system platform, whilst making the platform available to all Geely Group and affiliate brands, as well as providing the platform to third parties through ECARX.

Henrik Green, Chief Technology Officer at Volvo Cars, commented:

“The infotainment system in Volvo’s latest cars is one of the best on the market, rivalling mobile phones in user experience. Through this joint venture, we can speed up development of the system, bring high-quality infotainment to more cars and maximise incentives for companies and developers to create great services and apps for the users of the platform.”

While Ziyu Shen, Chief Executive Officer at ECARX said:

“With profound accumulation in in-vehicle infotainment systems and the intelligent connected field, ECARX is committed to becoming the leading power in automotive intelligence technology in China. This joint venture will be another important move for ECARX’s globalisation strategy. It will start the partnership between ECARX and Volvo Cars, integrates their respective technical advantages to bring global consumers connected infotainment experiences that lead the industry, and paves the way for further cooperation.”