Motor Industry Update 11 March 2021

Charge myHyundai charger Charge myHyundai charge point - Photo credit: Hyundai Motor UK

Hyundai launches ‘Charge myHyundai’ integrated public electric vehicle charging service

Hyundai Motor UK has launched Charge myHyundai which is an integrated public charging service for Hyundai electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle customers.

BEV and PHEV model owners have access to the largest charging network in the UK and can enjoy a streamlined one-payment solution via a single app or single radio-frequency identification (RFID) card and gives Hyundai drivers access to over 15,000 charge points across the UK. Drivers will be able to use charge points from most of the main operators using a single platform, with a flexible pay-as-you-go tariff making the use of public charging more straightforward and convenient.

Ashley Andrew, Hyundai Motor UK’s Managing Director, commented:

“We’re excited to introduce Charge myHyundai to the UK for Hyundai electric vehicle customers as we know that public charging is one of the biggest perceived barriers for EV ownership. Charge myHyundai provides a comprehensive service where customers can easily locate and access public chargers, with a simplified payment solution giving BEV & PHEV owners peace-of-mind.

“You’ll see that as we continue to launch our next generation of electric cars, like the forthcoming IONIQ 5, Charge myHyundai will be integrated into the car’s head unit making it even more convenient and seamless.”

Charge myHyundai can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices. It also enables intelligent route planning to help users find charging stations easily along their route. They will have real-time price information of the charging points in the app and full price transparency of the charging service. The great advantage of this simple pay-as-you-go (PAYG) tariff is that it gives drivers the freedom to charge whenever and wherever they need to with no monthly subscription fees.

The Charge myHyundai app gives drivers a lot of information at the touch of a finger, including the charging network map, tariffs and the customer’s Charge myHyundai account management. Another advantage is that Charge myHyundai can also be used in conjunction with Hyundai’s Bluelink® Connected Car Services, connecting drivers to their cars through their smartphones via the Bluelink app.

Charge myHyundai app

Charge myHyundai app

YourParkingSpace and EVBox set to revolutionise EV charging

Parking technology provider YourParkingSpace and EVBox, one of the world’s leading EV charging solutions companies, have formed a new partnership in an effort to revolutionise how and where motorists can charge their electric vehicles.

EVBox is one of the world’s leading EV charging station companies and has over 200,000 charge points installed around the world across 70 countries, spanning domestic, commercial and rapid public chargers.

The plan is to ultimately see the roll-out of pre-bookable EV park and charge points across the UK, including locations in retail and hospitality car parks, so motorists know where charge points will be available when they arrive at their destinations, be it a shopping mall or hotel car park.

A successful trial was carried out at the Holiday Inn Express Bicester, operated by Atlas Hotels, and is set to drive YourParkingSpace’s ambition of ensuring that UK motorists are never more than 20 minutes away from an available charge point, which can be booked and paid for in advance through the YourParkingSpace app.

Harrison Woods, CEO at, said:

“Utilising our industry-leading technology YourParkingSpace is turning parking assets into connected mobility hubs. This partnership with EVBox is hugely exciting, enabling us to rapidly scale the deployment of charging stations for electric vehicles, scooters and other emerging micro-mobility services.”

“As electric vehicle sales rise rapidly the need for parking with electric vehicle charge points is essential. As a result of this ground-breaking partnership, we’re rolling out 200 charge points across the UK’s largest Holiday Inn Express franchise, Atlas Hotels, alongside a further 3,000 charge points for our comparable clients across the UK over the next 18 months.”

Jonathan Goose, EVBox Group Regional Director UK & Ireland, said:

“As eMobility continues to rapidly rise in the UK, the revolutionary partnership between YourParkingSpace and EVBox Group will address the growing demand for accessibility and availability of EV charging ports, while creating a new era of commercial charging in the UK.”

UK car production fell -27.3% in January

UK car production fell -27.3% in January to 86,052 units, according to the latest figures by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. This was the worst January performance since 2009, and a 17th consecutive month of decline. A number of factors affected output, including the ongoing effects of the pandemic, global supply chain issues, extended shutdowns and friction in the new trading arrangements following the end of the Brexit transition period.

Car manufacturing for both home and overseas markets was down to 16,692 and 69,360 units respectively, representing falls of -18.3% and -29.1%. Although exports accounted for more than eight in 10 of all cars made in the month, shipments to major markets in the EU, US and Asia fell by double digits, down -26.2%, 34.5% and -36.1% respectively.