How To Protect Your Holiday From A Post-Lockdown Breakup

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How to protect your holiday from a post-lockdown breakup with your partner

20 April 2021

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With more than a quarter of families experiencing financial pressures and 46.6% of the UK population working under the same roof as their other half, the pandemic has been the perfect storm to put a strain on even the most stable relationships.

With a spike in the number of couples breaking up, what happens if the relationship doesn’t make it to the boarding gate?

Sarah Page, brand manager at Postcard Travel Insurance, explains the cover holidaymakers must look for in order to protect both their relationships and their wallets:

Falling out of love

Let’s be honest, the amount of time we’ve spent with our loved ones during lockdown simply isn’t normal. So it comes as no surprise that Citizen’s Advice have noticed a surge in the number of searches online for advice on how to end a relationship, and British law firm Stewarts reported a 122% increase in divorce enquiries in 2020.

Sometimes relationships do just breakdown. So, it’s always worth looking for a policy allows you to cancel your holiday and recover your share of the trip if you and your partner do decide to go your separate ways.

Out of 62 travel insurance providers researched, Postcard Travel Insurance is the only insurance provider to offer this type of relationship breakdown protection in its policies. Postcard also offers a market-leading range of cover, including protection against Covid-19 as standard.

Financial strain ending your relationship

Some travellers might be booking that well-earned break to reignite the romance in their relationship. But plans for a getaway could be thrown into turmoil as travel prices shoot up and the UK furlough scheme comes to an end. With one in five people reporting to have experienced financial difficulties due to the pandemic, fears over job stability are enough to put anyone off booking a trip abroad. That’s why those desperate for a break must make sure they have travel insurance cover in place that protects their holiday against redundancy. That way, should travellers be let go from their jobs and no longer be able to afford their upcoming holiday, they’ll be covered to cancel their trip.

One partner testing positive for Covid before the trip

The Global Travel Taskforce has outlined its plans for a “traffic light” system to enable international travel. But with Covid-19 still lingering, what happens if one spouse tests positive for Covid-19 and has to quarantine just days before the holiday takes place? This is where cover for cancellation if anyone named on the policy contracts Covid-19 is triggered. This cover will allow travellers to cancel their trip and recover their holiday costs – protecting both travelling parties financially and also from a massive row that is bound to erupt.

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Notes to Editors:

Postcard used claims and complaints to analyse what frustrated travellers about travel insurance policies the most and created cover to meet their expectations. This included clear and concise policy wordings and a promise to turnaround claims within 48 hours of having all the information.

Postcard believe that everyone, young or old, should have the opportunity to head away on a sunshine or winter holiday with peace of mind that should they need to make a claim, there’s no grey areas or ‘wiggle room’.

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