Specialist Medical Travel Insurer Introduces Cover for Seacations

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15 April 2021

Specialist medical travel insurer introduces cover for popular ‘seacations’

Insurancewith.com, a specialist travel insurance provider for those with medical conditions, has seen a surge in insurance-related enquiries from people planning to book newly-launched ‘seacations’, also known as UK-cruises.

Insurancewith.com has now introduced UK cruise cover as part of its Staycation Plus policy, in a bid to offer customers booking a holiday on UK waters further peace of mind that they are protected. The Staycation Plus policy and integrated cruise cover now includes:

  • Cover for anyone named on the policy who is diagnosed with Covid-19 within 14 days before their trip begins and is legally required to isolate, and as a result misses their holiday;
  • Reimbursement should travellers be confined to their cabin on medical advice, for example, due to a sickness outbreak;
  • Reimbursement should travellers miss their pre-paid shore excursion as a result of being confined to their cabin on medical advice;
  • Reimbursement should the scheduled port of call be cancelled due to adverse weather conditions or timetable restrictions; and
  • Cover for necessary emergency medical repatriation and costs should holidaymakers need taking home after being released from hospital.

UK-cruise holidays are perfect for those desperate for a break, but too nervous to travel beyond British waters, offering all the benefits of a typical cruise holiday. While most travel insurance policies will cover travellers if they need emergency medical attention on their trip, standard policies tend not to cover any associated expenses related to cruise holidays, such as cabin confinement, missed ports or missed pre-paid excursions.

Sarah Page, brand manager for Insurancewith, said:

“Many people have been put off booking a holiday abroad, particularly for those who because of underlying health conditions have had to shield for over a year.

“However, we know just how important it is to have a holiday in order to relax, de-stress and spend quality time with loved-ones. ‘Seacations’ offer the chance to do all of those things, with the extra comfort of knowing that should anything happen, you’re just a stop away from home.

“So, if you are planning a UK-cruise in the near future, we strongly advise that you look out for a policy or extension that has the relevant cruise cover, as it is not typically offered as standard.”

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Notes to editors:

Insurancewith.com was created in 2005 to provide affordable travel insurance for those suffering from cancer and genetic diseases. insurancewith believes that all travellers should be treated fairly with premiums that are based on actual risk, and not on a pre-conceived idea of the medical condition. Its unique medical screening process enables it to provide competitive travel insurance for anyone with a medical condition without necessarily charging them an additional premium.

However, there is more to insurancewith: than just providing travel insurance. When you buy one of its policies, a donation of £1 is given to its supported charities. These charities support thousands of people who live with medical conditions such as breast cancer and diabetes – some of the very people insurancewith: products have been designed for.