Testimonials and Case Studies

Travel Sector
Chief Marketing Officer, £750 million + turnover, Travel sector

“We have a lot of technical debt arising from 20 years of short-term optimisation. There is a lot of accumulated workarounds and manual work that is required, and we have acquired two other companies so now there is a massive integration initiative. I want to replace fragmentation with unification and manual work with automation or algorithms; and replace one size fits all strategies with personalised strategies.”

Senior Director of Shared Services, £500 million + Hotels

“There are absolutely ethical boundaries and barriers. There’s those that want to push the edge and those that are pulling it back from the edge. Regulation and compliance is a big part of it, but culturally there is a willingness to view more than you should. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I think GDPR is pulling back the reins on a lot of that activity in Europe and in California with the CCPA as well.”

Financial Services
Senior Director, SME, Financial Service sector

“How do we best use digital platforms and data to support our business through this pandemic?”

Apparel and Footwear
Head of Apparel Strategy, apparel and footwear manufacturer, $4 billion

“We really look to our providers as cybersecurity consultants as well as solutions providers because they are keeping us up to date on the biggest things. We continually have to be evolving. It is really trying to convince the CEO that this isn’t a one-time thing, this is going to be an ever-going cost of doing business in the 21st century.”

Broking Now!

We are the UK’s only broker omnibus, reflecting the front line of commercial insurance business continuity.

Broking Now! offers the insurance industry an effective and competitive dialogue with key audiences of UK commercial and personal lines brokers.

It is representative of the UK broker population with sub-samples of national, super-regional and provincial brokers, network brokers and non-networked, GWP and region, amongst others.

It provides access to 250 UK brokers up to eight times per year.

We deliver results within four weeks, providing great value for money at an affordable price with simple questions from £850.

In addition, Broking Now! can be used for additional qualitative and community development support. For more information please contact us.

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